a platform for the smarter, connected city

Our vision for
citizens of a
connected city

Forward thinking

The connected city uses open data and analytics to inform city planning and infrastructure development. They’re forward looking and responsive to the changing needs of their citizens and to the environment.


We live in an increasingly connected world. New services will emerge across a range of public sector services, solving problems we never knew we had in ways we never thought possible.


Cities are hubs of people, sharing a connected experience. The smart, connected city embraces this interconnectivity to fundamentally change the way we go about our everyday lives.

An open platform for
smarter, connected cities

CloudTrekConnect is an Internet of Things (IoT) Smart Cities Platform which provides Councils and Governments with the tools necessary to make better informed decisions and take meaningful actions on matters that make our cities more liveable, successful and sustainable.

Feature rich, highly scalable and secure platform

Breaks down proprietary data silos & integrates existing data sets

Drives actionable insights through real-time & historical analysis

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